We are direct importers offering a complete range of various medical equipment and surgical disposables.


  • Surgical equipment – autoclaves and sterilization equipment, hollowares, laryngoscopes, gallipots, instrument trays, forceps, probes, scalpels, scissors, blades, cannulas, retractors, bone plates, operating tables and lights, ventilators, defibrillators and other ICU equipment, specialized body tools (tracheal, uterine, rectal, nasal, vaginal, tongue and others) & surgical disposables - Advanced_Surgical_Devices F.pdf
  • Dental equipment and dental consumables i.e. adhesives, cements, impression materials, composites, finishing and polishing materials, specialized tools and equipment, restoratives, preventive care, protective eye wear, retail dental care essentials and other consumables - Dental_Equipment_&_Consumables_F.pdf
  • Ophthalmic equipment – Diagnostic equipment, Preoperative, operative and postoperative equipment, General exam equipment, Eye Surgical Equipment, Ophthalmic Furniture, Surgical eye implants, professional and specialized range including direct and indirect ophthalmoscopes, retinoscopes, tonometers, slit lamps, bulbs and LEDs and more - Opthalmic_Equipment_EyeCare F.pdf
  • Advance Wound Management - for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, including leg, diabetic and pressure ulcers, burns and post-operative wounds - Advance_Wound_Management F.pdf
  • Orthopedic products and aids – Advanced Surgical Devices i.e. knee and hip implants, sports medicine joint repair, trauma, arthroscopic enabling technologies; knee and ankle supports, wrist and forearm products, cervical aids, walking aids, compression garments, hernia belts and more - Orthopedic_Support_&_Aids F.pdf
  • Mobility equipment and disability aids - wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks and much more for independent daily living - Mobility Equipment & Disability Aids F.pdf
  • Hospital equipment – beds, chairs, hydraulic beds, trolleys, stretchers, anesthetic machines and other theatre equipment, patient monitors and other monitoring equipment, ultrasound and other diagnostic equipment, oxygen cylinders, infant care units, nebulizers and other respiratory products, oxygen concentrators and other units, x-ray, CT scan, mammography and other radiology equipment, filters, suction units, disposables including blood bags, gloves, sutures,  disinfectants, cleaning regents, fogging machines, dispensers and more - Hospital Equipment_F.pdf
  • Surgical disposables – gloves, sutures, bandages, gauzes, needles and more - Surgical_Disposables_Medimax.pdf
  • Others – portable glucose monitoring devices

Disclaimer:The List of medical, surgical equipment and surgical disposables is for guidance purposes. Contact Harley’s for availability and details